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Launching a Small Business? How to Start Smart

Article Language: English
February 9, 2021,

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and a tough economy, business startups are on the rise. Before you leap into business ownership, there are some things you should know.


8 Ways To Practice Lean Development In Business

Article Language: English
February 4, 2021,

Small businesses have a limited supply of time and resources. That’s why practicing lean development can help eliminate waste and ultimately deliver only what the customer needs. Here are eight ways to practice lean development.


Are My New Customers and Followers Genuine? 6 Ways Entrepreneurs of Color Can Figure This Out

Article Language: English
February 2, 2021,

Many Black businesses received an influx of customers and followers after the events of summer 2020. Ensure that you're working with and for people who support the same causes as you and your business.


Managing a Remote Team: Tips Shared by Entrepreneurs Thriving During the Pandemic

Article Language: English
January 29, 2021,

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more entrepreneurs than ever are utilizing a remote working structure to enable their business to continue operating. We’re going to look at some of the best ways to keep your team motivated and engaged when face-to-face is no longer an option.


Mentorship for Remote Work: Building a Virtual Connection

Article Language: English
January 27, 2021,

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic remote working and digital nomandism were on the rise. With more people working remotely than ever before it's important to learn how mentoring changes under these conditions.


The Power of Mentorship

Article Language: English
January 26, 2021,

Hear how mentorship impacted three successful entrepreneurs along their journey to build and grow their companies.


Seven Ways Mentorship Can Benefit Employees

Article Language: English
January 19, 2021,

Mentorship provides many benefits both to mentor and mentee. Patty Alpers, a mentoring expert, breaks down why you should incorporate mentorship into your small business.


What Entrepreneurs Need to Start 2021 Right

Article Language: English
January 15, 2021,

If you have decided that 2021 will be your year to start a business, congratulations! Make sure you have each of these items before you open your doors — whether in person or virtually — for business.


The Benefits of Business Mentoring: 8 Business Mentors Weigh In

Article Language: English
January 14, 2021,

What are the benefits business leaders personally receive by serving as a business mentor? To identify these benefits, we asked expert business mentors about their experiences in guiding entrepreneurs towards success. 


How to Ask Someone in Your Network for a Favor

Article Language: English
January 13, 2021,

It’s important to build mutually beneficial relationships with your network to help one another fuel your successes. But sometimes asking these professional references or acquaintances for a favor isn't easy. Use these rules to make it easier.


3 Best Practices for Small Business Owners’ Annual Review

Article Language: English
January 12, 2021,

You should review your business practices at least once a year to ensure you're utilizing your time and resources to their best advantage. Use these three best practices to grow your company.

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Simple Steps for Exiting Your Business: Retirement Planning

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